Cleaning Company in Galway
Our Mission is:

Our mission statement is divided into six areas on which we focus all our attention to uphold and improve;


Nothing that we do in TG Cleaning Services is so important that we cant do it safely. We recognise that good safety performance and the safety of everyone that works for us or is affected by our work are critical to the success of our business;


Employees will be treated in a manner that respects them as individuals, develops their potential in the context of the business, encourages them to play a part in our development and enables them to share in our success;


We believe that natural resources should be used sustainable and we will adopt working practices that help achieve that goal;


We will recognise and manage risk in all aspects of our business;


We will demonstrate integrity and honesty in the way we conduct business with our customers and employees;


We will account for our actions in a way that meets all that might justifiably be expected of us;
TG Cleaning Services, Galway Cleaning Company